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Local Testimonials​

​​​"Most important for me was the amount of knowledge and information that I received from the moment I stepped into the office. I knew this program was for me. It gave me hope of a better body and better health, at my age that is wonderful. On the day of my last treatment, I was able to zip up my jacket for the first time!" 

Penny N.

​"I am very impressed with the Verju Laser treatments that I have been doing over the past month and a half at Dr. Becky Grimm's office. In just nine treatments, I have lost seven inches in my thighs, hips and waist. I feel so much better and healthier. The nutritional advice has helped me tremendously.

​After having two surgeries this past summer I had lost muscle and had virtually no muscle tone in my legs. The Vibration 360 machine has not only brought muscles back but also toned my body. At age 64 and limited to non-weight bearing exercise, there are only a few machines I can use.  ​I am amazed as to all the Verju Laser system has done for me and my body. It has helped me both mentally and physically and with more feelings of well-being. I am stronger, have more energy, walk better and stronger, have muscles and muscle tone back. What more could I ask for?

I am working on another series of 9 treatments focusing on my mid-section and am anxious to see how much I have lost this time!  ​I would recommend Verju Laser treatments for anyone of all ages.

Thank you Gem City Laser and Verju!"

​Rose Kestner


"I started going to Gem City Laser and Dr. Becky Grimm in Quincy, IL, in January. It takes about one hour out of my day, 3 times a week and it's worth doing!  It is now May and I have lost 10 inches overall!"